Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Go-Betweens - The Cassette Releases 1981 - 5 New Songs, other rare early songs & interviews

For a very special treat many thanks to Steve aka duckdogtwo who
compiled this wonderful collection of rare and early Go-Betweens.
This is what Steve says about these recordings.

I was going to tart these up and compile them but they
sounded pretty good anyway.

These are from my tapes done four or five years ago,
my first transfers.

A couple of these tracks are on the remastered
Send Me A Lullaby,

but I'm not sure which ones.
The second 3PBS interview cuts off abruptly,
not sure if there was more.

The Distant Violins scan is mine, the rest I found on the net.
Couldn't find a decent one of Fast Forward.

I've been listening to this today and its fantastic.
Theres songs I haven't heard before,
some great live and demos of well known songs and
the interviews are amazing. Especially the 1/2 hour 4zzz one,
its amazing to hear these guys talk in depth when they are
right at the start of it all, like 19 years old.
Theres quite a lot of talk about Peter Milton Walsh's brief
membership in the band, why He joined and why He left,
record deals, other Brisbane bands round that time
and songwriting, it really is fantastic.
You'll just have to download it and have a listen.
And don't forget to thank Steve in the comments.

Track List
01 - Five New Songs - Heaven Says.
02 - Five New Songs - Undo What You Did.
03 - Five New Songs - Cracked Wheat.
04 - Five New Songs - People Know.
05 - Five New Songs - A Peaceful Wreck.
06 - Missing Link Demo - One Word.
07 - Missing Link Demo - Hope.
08 - Missing Link Live - I Need Two Heads.
09 - 3PBS 1981 - Karen.
10 - 3PBS 1981 - One Word.
11 - 3PBS 1981 - One Thing Can Hold Us.
12 - 3PBS 1981 - Interview Pt1.
13 - 3PBS 1981 - Interview Pt2.
14 - 4ZZZ Interview 1979.

See in the comments for more information
about the original cassette releases.

Part 1

Part 2


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Anonymous said...

Great, great, great !

Anonymous said...

That's so great, thanks so much.

Just wondering on the story behind 5 New Songs? Was this a demo, and if so do we know when it was made?

Thanks again, wonderful stuff.


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Theres not much information on the net about these releases.
Hopefully Steve will know more.
" 5 new songs was a cassette release in 1981 , one of 6 mentioned on the

Cass: FIVE SONGS (Aus)
Heaven Says / Undo What You Did / People Know / Cracked Wheat / A Peaceful Wreck
[Go-Betweens on one side of a cassette w/ Pink And Blue on the other]

Cass: MISSING LINK - FROM THE ARCHIVES (Missing Link 1981, Aus)
One Word (demo) / Hope (demo) / I Need Two Heads (live)

Cass: Fast Forward tapezine, issue 006 (Fast Forward, 1981)(Aus)
Karen (live) / One Thing Can Hold Us (live) / One Word (live) / interview (3PBS)

Cass: Fast Forward tapezine, issue 011 (Fast Forward, 1982)(Aus)

Cass: Strum + Drum cassette free w/ "Underground Magazine" (no cat. no., Apr. 1988, UK) Karen

The Distant Violins tape with the
4zzz interview isn't mentioned.

All 1981 releases the same time that
"Very Quick On The Eye = Brisbane 1981"
Demos later released as a bootleg
were recorded.
By the end of 1981, 3 official singles were released, their 1st Lp
comes out early 1882.
So this is all we have, apart from rare live recordings like the 4zzz live to air and a couple of later officially released songs, from the first 3 years of the band.
Unless someone has something else
I know nothing about.
Has anyone got the pink and blue recording from the other side of the five songs cassette, or the other side of the out of nowhere cassette, theres a reader who is keen to hear these again
ciao bob

duckdogtwo said...

Pretty sure 5 New Songs was recorded in Melbourne. Didn't transfer the Pink And Blue side, an aquired taste I didn't really want to aquire.

Have some 1982 live stuff, 20/3/82 at the Mosman Hotel and 22/4/82 at the Seaview Ballroom. Both radio broadcasts I think.

And Bob, not starting a blog but quite happy to help a good one.


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks again Steve, I'd sure like to hear any circa 1982 radio broadcasts
I must look through my Gobs boots to see what I have
ciao bob

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

I forgot this Cd,
78 'Til 79: The Lost Album - Go-Betweens
You can still find it here
It features nine previously unreleased demo-quality tracks made in Forster's bedroom.
ciao bob

Overhere said...

Hi Bob

I don't think the link is weorking any longer - wouldn't you know it - any chance of a re-up - this cassette (the 5 Songs) is legendary in the folk lore of the gobies and I would love to hear it.

Cheers mate

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

I will look into it mate,
you will be able to download a copy from here soon
ciao bob

bazzil said...

Hey Bob, Thanks for this excellent post.
I haven't listened to it yet but I am looking forward to the 4ZzZ interview.

Overhere said...

Thanks for the re-up Bob - I'm really looking forward to listening to this - cheers mate

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

No probs overhere. Did you get your tickets for robert yet ?
ciao bob

misha said...

Thank you again for everything go-betweenesque! And I have found some more boots that I'm going to post on my blog some time soon (an acoustic gig from 1988).


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Good to hear from you misha, enjoy the rare tracks and I cant wait to see what you've got for your blog
ciao bob

Roger said...

Thanks Bob, this one is gold. From the most interesting period of their career, the part with that striped sunlight sound. Great work, Bob!

duckdogtwo said...

Hey Bob

ready for some live GBs? The Seaview Ballroom recording was not good enough but I an offer these, both very nice soundboards:

Mosman Hotel, Sydney, Australia, April 22, 1982

01. Heaven Says
02. Ride
03. Metal And Shells (early version of Before Hollywood)
04. Your Turn, My Turn
05. Careless
06. Distant Hands
07. Hammer The Hammer
08. People Know
09. I Need Two Heads
10. One Thing Can Hold Us
11. Near The Chimney
12. Undo What You Did
13. By Chance
SOURCE: Radio broadcast
TIME: 41:32


Rote Fabrik, Z├╝rich, Switzerland, March 13, 1983
01. People Say
02. Karen
03. A Bad Debt Follows You
04. Two Steps, Step Out
05. Before Hollywood
06. Your Turn, My Turn
07. Cattle And Cane
08. By Chance
09. On My Block
10. Hammer The Hammer
SOURCE: Radio broadcast
TIME: 33:51

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

I'm ready steve, these sound incredible, early Gobs and radio broadcast quality, I'll post em soon as I hear from you
and thanks heaps mate
ciao bob

Novemberer said...

Many thanks for this stuff. x