Saturday, February 23, 2013

Jimmy & The Boys - In Hell With Your Mother

From their "Teddy Boy's Picnic Tour" of 1982 comes a bit of a hard to find Live LP.
Supposedly unreleased.
I haven't been able to find out much about it online other than this quote from -
"This vinyl Lp is one of the rarest releases in Australia. Ignatious Jones even claims it was never released".
Not too sure about that, but the copy I have is a promotional only release and it's the only copy I had ever seen in the stores. So maybe there is some truth in that.

Get it here


Bob said...

Fantastic post Bazzil Welcome aboard the SSS blog!

scott said...

had this on tape way back then and when i sold the car , i left it in the player. so yeah it was available. but after i lost it i was never able to find it again...... till now thanks

chuck said...

welcome aboard Bazzil !
a long time coming imho ... .

Anonymous said...

Nuts, all the links are broken. Help out an expat Aussie and longtime fan of the 'Boys with a re-up?

Bob said...

Back up