Saturday, February 23, 2013

Jimmy & The Boys - Live on 4ZzZ

Back in the early 80's 4ZzZ used to have a radio show called "Friday Night Live" where every Friday night they would play a live gig of the bands who were playing regularly around at the pubs and clubs at the time.
I taped this back in 1982, not too sure where this was recorded though.
The quality is a bit dodgy but not bad considering the age of the tape.

Get it here


Anonymous said...

can you find an easier place to upload these files? every link you have proivded to download from wants to either install software or charge me for the privilege - what about pirate bay or these are free...

Bob said...

Sorry mate it wont be torrent downloads here,
we dont have the numbers or interest to run torents
its a complicated process but you dont need to download any software or pay to download this file.
1st wait till the download links are fetched on the page bottom
2nd pick one that says success in the upload status and click on the click here link in blue for it
That takes you to another page
click the link under the click here to go to download page.
Now you are at the download page you picked, I took the send my way one
This sites are the host site and they all work different this one has a blue create download link button, clink that and a download link is created, this works I just downloaded the file