Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Freaksville (Freak Circus II)

The second Freak Circus release from Splurt in 1993. It includes hits from Blowhard, A.I.M, Dreamkillers, FAT and The Fred Band among others.
For more info on "Freaksville" check THIS post.

So for a good time get it HERE

I do have "Freak Circus 1" on vinyl somewhere so if I track that down one day I'll try post that too.


chuck said...

If you sign up / like Dreramkillers facebook page you get a link to the brand new single for download...
It's fucking awesome !

Bob said...

Great Post Again Bazz!!

chuck said...

yep.. a great set i never owned.. many thanks!
you can get some Blowhard and Fat and talk of a Fred band reissue at one stage from Turkeyneck records.. site n info here -

chuck said...

and some more Turkeyneck records artists to try via soundcloud here -

bazzil said...

Hey Chuck, thanks for the Soundcloud link. Good to see a bit of I Spit On Your Gravy over there. I recall seeing them live in Ipswich on night.
Uhh... the memories.