Friday, April 26, 2013

The Bones Of Barry Harrison

An excellent live LP from Canberra's Tactics released in 1982.
(it was bagged out for it's LO-FI quality but there are a few gems on this, I thought this was a great album back in the day)

Notes from the insert: 
"The songs of this album were recorded live across Australia in venues ranging from Mt. Druitt to Mt. Gambier, Canberra to Portland, Brisbane to Newcastle, Melbourne to God knows where! Some are studio quality and some are not... The music is real.
They were recorded onto C60 cassettes between 1978 and 1981.
Thanks to Graham for donating hand recorded tapes and big thanks to Al for duty beyond the call of nature."

Get it HERE


Theo said...

Thanks heaps for this, I can never get enough tactics.

Bob said...

I agree Theo and there isnt much around. I didnt even know this existed,
Great post Bazzil!

Mylene said...

Surely the most notorious Australian live album of all time. Thanks.

Sifat syed mohammad said...


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