Saturday, March 1, 2014

Pel Mel - Out of Reason

Newcastle band Pel Mel's first LP, 1982's Out of Reason.
Strangely enough never re-issued after all these years.
I always remember seeing them on Countdown back in the day with their single No Word From China, their only short lived chance at some mainstream recognition that never happened.
Highly underrated Australian band from the early 80s.

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Bob Nebe said...

I had a compilation cassette from back then that had No word from China on it, it wasn't the tales from the underground cd that came out later. I cant remember much more than that but, the Pel mel track was the stand out I do remember.

Paul said...

Absolutely loved this band, still have the 7" of No Word From China

Anonymous said...

I always liked their music so it is good to hear them again. The Good god gig last night was very good. All of the bands were good. Judy has such a great voice good to hear her singing again. The Lost Shepherds need a good manager they played a song last night that was just great pop. I am almost annoyed I just can't get it out of my head, a good thing though. Very catchy stuff and I think could do really well.