Friday, June 19, 2015

Spiny Norman Conspiracy - Firm But Fair

1990 ep from long forgotten Brisband Spiny Norman Conspiracy, I don't know a great deal about the band other than the vocalist was in my class at school, and included a member from Presidents Eleven (although I could be wrong).
Any info would be great though... just leave it in the comments :)

HERE 'tis


Bob Nebe said...

nice one baz!

Moses said...

No info on the band, but of course "Spiny Norman" was a hedgehog (?) feared by Dinsdale Piranha, of the dreaded Piranha Gang, in Monty Python's sketch.

Franko Paddo said...


Ross McLennan (sometimes spelt MacLennon or MacLennan) was the drummer in Spiny Norman Conspiracy. I think that's him on his haunches. It's the same guy and he has always looked (looks) much the same ...thin, tall, fair skin with bright red hair.

I recall when this CD came out (I bought it) though I don't recall much about the band. Ross had been in another local band at the time, "Rubber Bug". Like all good local drummers he went on to drum for everyone, Lovejoy, The Go Betweens (on their 1997 European tour), Goats In The Machine, Mona Lisa Overdrive, Far Out Corporation, The Minnesota Triplets (a Husker Du cover band), Turtlebox, The Predators and even for Powderfinger a couple of times. Most recently he is in Dirt and the Drinking Posse.


Anonymous said...

A number of these guys are still playing in Brisbane as "Generation Jones". The guy holding "the gun" in the pic is Alex Waller, formerly of Brisbane Bands Chrysalids and Ducks in Formation.