Friday, November 21, 2014

My Van - On the road - Travel/Accom - Louis Tillet

Louis Tillet is one of those Australian Artist who so many
people have never heard of, which is criminal of course
because he is incredible and also one of so many doing it
tough. We just don't reward artists in this country and
many find it hard to do what they do well and get somewhere
with it.
So if you haven't heard the kind of music Louis makes
check out the video below and if your familiar with his
work or enjoy the video check out the crowd funding page
he has set up to get back on the road.
These things work and as with the recent riptides crowd
funding project that funded the release of their 1st album
that was only released as an Ep originally, they product
great outcomes.
Find the Louis page here

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Out On The Weekend Brisbane 26-10-14

Out on the weekend came to Brisbane last Sunday in a stripped
down version of the Melbourne show.
Featuring 8 acts, 4 Australia and 4 from the States it was
billed as a celebration of Americana Music, food and fine booze
I will say the music was brilliant, but the food was a no show.
I suspect the numbers weren't there which is a shame because
there was a bevy of brilliant acts

The line up was South-Carolina singer Nikki Lane,
Portland favourites The Delines,
alt-country stars Robert Ellis and Jonny Fritz,
plus Emma Swift, Halfway, Paddy McHugh
and Warren Earl Band.

I took a stack of photos and finely got to see Halfway play
which was brilliant of course.
Emma Swift put on a great set and her band included
Adele Pickvance who is always a pleasure to watch.
The Delines were really special, if you get a chance check
them out on you tube.
A great day all round!