Friday, June 19, 2015

Spiny Norman Conspiracy - Firm But Fair

1990 ep from long forgotten Brisband Spiny Norman Conspiracy, I don't know a great deal about the band other than the vocalist was in my class at school, and included a member from Presidents Eleven (although I could be wrong).
Any info would be great though... just leave it in the comments :)

HERE 'tis

Monday, April 20, 2015

Record store day 2015 Vital Juices Redcliffe

Well the grooviest record shop in Brisbane put on a fine day of
celebration for this years record store day.
Both The Floyd Family Breakdown and Halfway returned to entertain,
there was a great turn out and the shop did brisk business
What a great vibe and I got some fantastic records.
Including the Apartments re-released deluxe debut.
Congrats to Grant and the team for another great day!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Paul Madigan & The Humans

Here's a bit of an obscure classic for you all from Paul Madigan & The Humans. 

For anyone who was a regular listener of 4ZzZ back in the late seventies/early eighties you might remember a few of these tracks having a bit of of airplay. The ones I remember the most are Prick and Married Life. So if you are not too familiar with his other stuff here's your chance to check it out.

Not always politically correct... but what the hell!

I also recorded a live concert off the radio from 4ZzZ back when they used to do their Friday Night Live broadcasts... sadly I've lost that cassette, so if anyone has a recording of that, please give me a yell.

Check it out HERE

Monday, March 9, 2015

Celibate Rifles Acoustic Show


Brisbane, March 9th, 2015

Popular iconic Australian band The Celibate Rifles are heading north to to perform
an acoustic set of their much-loved brand of classic punk/garage/indie rock songs
in a very intimate for-one-night-only unplugged-style show in Brisbane's CBD.

O'Malley's Irish Pub in Queens Street now hosts a fortnightly, mid-week ‘pop-up’
live music club called ‘The Bunker’, featuring an exciting array of local and
interstate talent who have jumped on board to be part of a series of
eclectic rock n’ roll events.

On Thursday, April 23rd, The Bunker will play host to The Celibate Rifles as they
showcase tunes spanning their impressive 35-year career.
The show promises to be a very rare treat for music lovers and
Celibate Rifles fans alike.
Joining the group for this very special event are two fantastic local support acts,
Weezal and Thirteen Seventy, also both in rare acoustic mode.

A very limited number of pre-show tickets go on sale midday Wednesday 11th March
for $20 +BF and will be available via
or from Further tickets will be available at the event,
but are extremely limited, to keep the event intimate.

The Bunker is proudly presented by O'Malley's Irish Pub
and community radio 4ZZZ 102.1FM Brisbane.

Further event details at

Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Skel e tones - Dead at Amyl's Nightspace

One of my favorite Brisbane bands from the mid 80's
The Skel e tones were one of the many bands from
here that did the move to Sydney, did reasonably
well, got on the Cooking with George JJJ box set.
They should have made it bigger , anyway via their
facebook page this wonderful 7 track live recording
and quiet a few others can be found.
So shake dem bones and get along to their page

Saturday, February 7, 2015

4ZzZ Hot 100 1996

4ZzZ's Hot 100 CD release from 1996.

Contains some great classics from Alien Virus, Escape From Toytown, Turnpike, Godnose, Gaslight Radio, Small Fantasy and more (hard to believe this was almost 20 years ago)

Here 'tis

Friday, February 6, 2015

The return of the Apartments

This year the is year the Apartments return.
There was last years teaser single Black Ribbons
and next month the reissue of the brilliant 1985
debut Lp, The Evening Visits...and stays for years,
as a double album on both cd and vinyl as a
deluxe expanded edition with liner notes
from Robert Foster. This is my favorite album
of all time so I cant wait,
You can find it here 

And following that the new album,
No Song, No Spell, No Madrigal ,
The first album Peter Walsh has recorded for
15 years, this track Twenty One is the 2nd song
to be released of the album and well its going to
be something else!
Read all about it here
Now once I have the records Im hoping for a
tour coming to Brisbane

Friday, January 30, 2015

Matt Williamson - Mr Senseless.

Another recording from the brilliant Matt Williamson,
a wonderful songwriter folk singer from Bathurst
A long time contributor to this blog who generously
gives away his beautiful music
Thanks Matt!
You can check out his stuff out here

Now over to Matt

       Mr Senseless, singing songs to save the world
       He will tell you songs will set you free

       All his friends say thats not realistic

       But he says, you wait and see, you just wait and see.

     Matt Williamson  - Guitar, Vocals.

     Keith Manning - Percussion, Waterphone.

     King Paul - Bass.

     Aaron Hopper - Guitar.

     Wayne Brett - Guitar.

     Chris McCussker - Bass.

        This album is made of friendly psycadelic folk
                                by friendly psycadelic folk
         it contains real people,places,time and events
         and all those little things wot trancsend ém.

Track List

 01. Jessica Beth Small -

 Jessica went missing from Bathurst over 15 years ago, this song is
 for Jessica's mum still living through all those unanswered questions
 due to a botched investigation, it is a story of love.

  02.  1975 -

  This was the year i fell off the world, it took 6 years to climb back
   on, couldn't listen to Pink Floyd in all that time as it was playing
   at that moment in time and space.

  03.  Again -

  04.  All Over The Moon -

  That cycle of life, waiting, walking and coming together.

   05.  Deception -

   Yes we all know who he is, some know him as Mon santo-claus.

   06.  Homeless -

    Left by his girl, Chook went to drown his sorrows, it took many
    years of homelessness to do so.
    They found him in a paddock frozen out near his parents place.

   07.  Week Away -

   08.  On Meeting Kerrianne -

    I got to play some heartfelt concerts with Kerrianne Cox.
    This little song is my welcome to country for her when
    she came to town, sadly its
    a true reflection of my country.

   09.  A Most Unusual Man -

    I see him every now and then, but mostly when i catch his
    reflection i try not to look.

   10. A road less travelled -

   11. Rocket Man - (Tom Rapp)

    I loved this song my whole life, i was a big fan of Ray Bradbury, it
    inspired Elton John as well.

   12. Mr Senseless -

    Written in the third person, because the third person is there.

    13. Blessed Be Love -

     From 'Gamarra" to be released with Kalmadyne Goombridge's
     book of poetry later this year. Listen out for the re-awakening
     and re-building of the Wiradjuri nation, happening here ,there
     and everywhere.

     14. Same Town -

     I never thought the global village would be such an unlikely place.

      i hope you enjoy this little album made without money
                          nor sense.

                                     Cheers Mr Senseless.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Joe Geia-Yil Lull

Well its been 7 years since this blog began and I know I don't
post too often these days but we are still here. My tradition is to
post an Aboriginal artist on the day some call Australia Day
and others Invasion Day the day this blog began.
And what better artist than the great Joe Geia and his 1988 debut
Yil Luli. The title track should be our national anthem, it is a
brilliant timeless classic. Joe is one of the trailblazing murri
artists a man who inspired many who have followed.
As a member of No Fixed Address from 1982 to 1983 he later
began his solo career releasing 3 albums and working with
many other artists
So download this album and play it loud tomorrow

Download Here

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Lots of FREE music today !

so much free music getting around this afternoon i thought i should make a post of it.

Starting at 2pm at TYM guitars you can catch Freakwave and Seaplane playing an all ages gig to launch their new split single.
info on facebook here -

Up at the Underdog pub from 2:30pm you can start an afternoon of ol brissy punk and rock and roll mayhem with Eat city, Angelo from Sister Xmas, the Bollocks, Generation Jones and Dr Bombay.

Set times
Eat City 2.30pm
Angelo - 3.30
The Bollocks 4.00
Generation Jones 5.00
Dr Bombay 6.00

If you cant get into the Valley you can pop over to Cowboy Bob's new venue for the Sunday Rock n Roll BBQ at the Motor room at west end

After a brief hiatus the Sunday Rocknroll BBQ is back and its on monthly at its wonderful new home in West End at the Motor Room.its on December 14 and Its all kicks off at the usual time with bands starting at 2pm. Its free like its always been.

The Motor Room is a awesome 400 capacity room with a massive smoking deck wrapping the side of this old industrial building. Its located on the corner of Boundary Street and Mollison Street West End. Its just a short walk from South Brisbane and 199 Buses are running constantly.
The Boundary Street markets surround the place so you can get a feed or go chill in the markets. Come and go as you please. 

For the first one back we have Brisbane's greatest party band Sixfthick ready to rip the motor room a brand new pineapple ring along with the twangy rocknroll of the 52 Pickups. The folk punk of DROUSER. The flawless tongue in cheek pop of The Stress of Leisure and the twin guitar power pop attack of ROTH. We will be announcing the special guest later on in the month so stay tuned.

Each month we'll have a different DJ spinning tracks between bands and this month we have the loveable DJ Wolvie Trash. Playing god knows what, most likely a demented Xmas tinged love-in.

This is a child friendly event but please bring hearing protection for them.

1pm Doors open DJ Wolvie Trash Summer Selection.
2pm- 2:45pm ROTH
3pm- 3:45pm The Stress of Leisure
4pm- 4:45pm Drouser BBQ starts cookin.
5pm- 5:45pm 52 Pickups
6pm-7pm Sixfthick


What can you really say about this band that hasn't been said before. Two singers who are brothers that were raised on chicken farm outside Nambour with a kick arse band behind them that straddles rocknroll garage high energy punk rock. They've toured the world over played at every major australian festival and supported countless international acts since their inception in 1995. With a strong live following the hick are always as entertaining as drunken uncle falling through the plate glass sliding door out to the veranda.

These guys and gal have been kicking around brisbane for a couple of years doing a kick ass cross section of rocknroll outlaw country and morricone-esque spaghetti western themes all put through a chiming power pop . Featuring ex members for the Girlies Jim Rockrords and Lovejoy/. They really keep an audience transfixed with Murray's rugged good looks and great songs. With smatterings of horns and reverb drenched twang their sound is always moving and never staying exactly the same.

Hailing from Logan, the D’rouser we know today grew out of an acoustic 3 piece called D’rouser and the Dastardly Duo. In the last five years they have multiplied into a 5 piece. D’rouser leading a full band. Resplendent with bass, drums and acoustic guitars, their sound inspires a punkrock sing-along with tinges of folk riffs throughout. With themes based on a misspent youth of depravity in Logan (and with the new confidence his sex-pest attitude has began creeping in) D’rouser have come into their own. Always entertaining.

The Stress of Leisure is a band which hails from Brisbane (Queensland), heavily influenced by its sub tropical surroundings. Main songwriter Ian Powne started performing under the moniker in 2005, however, coined the term two years previously writing it on his home recordings. The Stress of Leisure is a truly independent band and continues to release under its own imprint The Stress of Leisure Recording Co. Four albums have been released: The Stress of Leisure (2006), Hour to Hour (2008), Soft Approach (2010) and Cassowary (2012); as well as the 7" single Sex Time (2011). The lineup has fluctuated since inception, however currently is Ian Powne (guitar, vocals), Pascalle Burton (keys, vocals), Jane Elliott (bass) and Phil Usher (drums). Various commentators have referred to the band as 'local pop wonders', as 'criminally underrated', a band that ease 'seamlessly through a variety of genres'.

ROTH formally race of the Harridan are a garage rock band from Brisbane. They blend & bend genres into new, yet familiar forms. Influences of surf beat, Brit pop, grunge, NYC punk and blues can be heard in the ROTH set.Onstage it’s a frenzy of drum rolls, guitar feedback and bouncing rhythms. However, at it’s heart, are infectious hooks and crafty arrangements. They have played the BBQ more than once over the years and we are glad to have them back.

I last saw the 6fthick at the ol sunday rnr bbq in the mustang bar about a year ago..

and I last saw the fantastic 52 pickups at the 4zzz radiothon gig at the Underdog pub a few months ago… these ppl are great!