Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Louis Tillett Music


The legendary Louis Tillett has launched a new website
and it looks wonderful, so have a look
It has a treasure trove of all things Louis
Im going to add it to the blog roll

Hi Bob
Louis Tillett here. I have always appreciated the spirit of this Blog. 
And now that I have just launched a new website, 
I have put up a link to it. I thought your readers may also like to 
know the new website link...where my entire catalog, memorabilia, 
etc will be up FREE to play, peruse, or download at will! 
Thanks for all your support.
 Pass on my regards to all! Cheers. Louis 


Saturday, August 26, 2017

The Models , Up Late GOMA 25-08-17

The Models were one of my favorite bands of the
Australian 1980's indy scene. I saw them a few times
back in the day, they supported David Bowie on the
seroius moonlight tour but didnt became really popular
until after James joined.
I preferred the early Models which isnt to say I wasnt a
James Freud fan cause I was, but theres something  about
Sean Kelly's vocal I love.
Anyway it was a fab gig, right up the front at the feet of
the great Mark Ferry I was able to get some great shots
But I was fairly deaf after it all
These guys still have it!
And what a fabulous venue is the gallery of model art,
holding its Marvel exhibition, for this band

Saturday, July 15, 2017

16 Lovers Lane - Queensland Performing Arts Centre 14-7-17

30 years after the release of their seminal album 3 members of the
Go-betweens line up that created it return to the stage to perform
it in full along with a few other Gobs songs.
Lindy Morrison Amanda Brown and John Willsteed joined on stage
with Dan Kelly, Danny Widdicombe and Luke Daniel Peacock and
a fantastic array of artists taking on the vocal roles
(Steve Kilbey (The Church), Mark Callaghan ( GANGgajang ),
Ron S Peno (Died Pretty), Katie and Tyrone Noonan (george),
Montaigne, Sam Cromack and Jen Boyce (Ball Park Music),
Tim Nelson and Zoe Davis (Cub Sport),
Sahara Beck and Kirin J Callinan.)
And what a night it was, brilliant in the musical department
of course along with amazing vocal performances
It was a moving, emotional heart felt performance
Steve Kilbys anecdotes were very cool, but the greatest joy
was to see the 3 band members receive the appreciation they
One of the highlights was Amanda singing the song the devils eye
But there was many great performances
The show paid tribute to the 2 great songwriters Grant and Robert
constantly and shows how very loved this band is in their home town
I regret not taking my camera but being in the 2nd row I
managed to get some shots on my phone