Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Mercurials - Silver and Gold

Just in time for Christmas I received a wonderful email
from Australia's greatest bass player Mark Ferrie.
Mark who has played for bands such as diverse as the
Models, the sacred cowboys and most recently the Rockwiz
house band, has had this wonderful project going
with his old mate Andrew Pendlebury who happens
to be Australia's greatest guitarist. They have been going for a
number of years now and have just released their 3rd album.
By the way they both were in the legendary Melbourne band
The Slaughtermen. This time they are both on guitar.
The Album "Silver And Gold" of which they sent me a copy,
is superb, the third member of the group Adi Sappir is a cellist
and vocalist and like their secret weapon she makes this into
something very special.
They describe their music as a sauna for the soul, and
that's a pretty good way to put it. There's so many great songs
on here, I particularly like the cover of the sports tune
"How come", Andrew played in the Sports in case you
didn't know and this is a fab version, gone is the pop song
replaced with a beautiful haunting ballad.
But don't believe me get over to their Myspace site to
have a listen. Find it here
They also have a web site with everything you could
want, music samples, photos, bios and links to
get hold of the music
Find it here

I'm heading off with the family to camp in the Lamington
wilderness for 5 days or so, this album will be on high
at my camp site!

Now here's a bio for everything I missed

The MERCURIALS are a musical trio hailing from
Australia that has been performing since
the start of the 2004.
They draw on a number of musical
bases (including blues, folk,
rock and classical)
to produce a sound that is a unique

product of the Melbourne musical environment.
The group has been described as a ‘hip chamber group
contemporary adult music’.
The group is composed of ARIA award winning guitarist
guitarist/vocalist/songwriter MARK FERRIE
and ADI SAPPIR, an adventurous, young cellist
and vocalist.
Each member brings with them a diverse
range of experience
and influences to create the
Mercurials sound.
Their live repertoire includes original
material in addition to
interpretations of tunes by artists
as diverse as
Bob Dylan, Irving Berlin, Jimi Hendrix,
and Neil Young. A feature of the group is the
wondrous vocals of
Adi Sappir, who sings in both English
and her native Hebrew.
The group came together in late
December of 2003 to perform
at the Ian Potter Gallery in
the National Gallery of Victoria
at Federation Square and
have since made several appearances
on the Derek Guille
Evening program on ABC radio, in
addition to the popular
‘Off The Record’ and ‘JVG Radio Method’
programs on 3RRR.
They have also won over audiences at
the 2004 Adelaide
Fringe Festival, the Boite World Music Café in
North Fitzroy,
the 2006 Port Fairy Folk Festival, the
2006 Mt Beauty Music
Muster and a host of music venues
and festivals around
Melbourne and rural Victoria.

The MERCURIALS released their debut self titled CD in June
2005 and launched it to a sell-out audience at Dizzy’s night
club in Richmond in early July.
The combination of Mark and Andrew, who have played
in various combinations on the Melbourne live
music scene
since the mid 70s, and the exotic new dimension
which Adi brings
to the mix, has resulted in a unique, magical,
class musical ensemble with a truly refreshing new sound.


  1. hi there Bob,this is Juan from spain mate, i send you messages sometimes...
    Listen, is there anyway for you to post some of the 3 albums that The Mercurials have?? I really love them really. Whos the singer, Pendelbury or Ferrie? He sounds so much a mix of Robert Forster, tex perkins and lou reed, it´s great.
    About the mark ferrie solo stuff? i already download 2 Pendlebury cds from you...If you cant would you tell a blog where i can download this stuff? Thanks man really. By the way, The sports tribute to Dylan link dont work anymore. Regards from europe buddy.

  2. Hi Juan, These cds are all very hard to find,
    I have the mercurials debut album, the last copy, sent to me by Mark to post and with his blessing.
    That will be coming up. Mark is the male singer. I dont think theres a blog anywhere else covering these artists.
    I'd be interested if there is!!

  3. Hi Bob, Juan from spain here, I got these from a friend just in case you want it, The Gin Club mate, i love them.
    Junk 1
    Gabriel/Drugflowers I´m lookin around for The Mercurials but no luck so i´m waiting patiently for yo to post it.
    Regards from europe and enjoy.