Thursday, April 30, 2009

Andrew Pendlebury - Zing...Went the Strings

Frequently cited as one of the finest guitarists in the nation,
Andrew Pendlebury has always seemed destined towards a
career in music. From age four he studied violin under the
auspicious direction of Nathan Gutman, and at an early age
played Vivaldi and Bach with the prowess of someone far
beyond his tender years. Andrew is the son of two celebrated
Australian artists, Laurence Scott Pendlebury and Nornie Gude .
It is little wonder that Andrew also possesses a great talent with
the brush, and that his sister Anne was encouraged in her career
as an actress with stage and TV credits. After leaving school
Andrew set about forging a career for himself in the art world.
He held a number of successful exhibitions of his impressionist
style works, but music still held his attention. Exposed to Django
Reinhardt by a friend of his father who was a dance band
in WW2, and excited by the new sounds evolving from
like Jimi Hendrix bursting onto the scene,
Andrew began to
focus his creative energy into the guitar.
Andrew Pendlebury is a gifted composer and has built a strong
catalogue of works over the years across a broad range of genres
from theater music to blues, classical, country and
Ever busy, and continuing upon his journey
of musical discovery,
Andrew has undertaken numerous
recording and writing projects
over the past few years.
Venturing into composing music for live
Andrew has scored for many prominent Australian

productions, working with some of the best directors this country
has to offer. Pendlebury finds theater a new and exciting
using his playing to illustrate moods and sentiments
within the
story lines he is accompanying, creating the aural
which allows the audience to get lost in the
performance of the
actors and the intricacies of the script.
His work in this field has
bought him many accolades from
the critics and audiences alike.

Like all great players Andrew Pendlebury, even after his
thirty-five years of playing so many styles of music, is excited by
what the future holds and is still invigorated by the sheer desire
and inner passion for music. Like a master artist working on the
great canvas of his career, he is not swayed by fashion or
commerciality. In a world where we love to define music into
categories, Pendlebury has truly created his own unique voice,
he is a man who in his own words says, “There are only two types
of music, good and the other type”. You can rest assured that
Andrew Pendlebury will continue to ensure the survival of the
art form of great music.

From the Sports to Andrew Pendlebury's solo career.
This is fantastic album by one of the greatest guitarists Australia
has ever seen. His 3rd solo album Andrew has released some 5
albums which I own, this one like most of them is purely

Track list
01 - Rodeo
02 - Small World
03 - Catalina
04 - Rosa Lee
05 - Lullaby for A.J
06 - Ruthven I
07 - See for Miles
08 - Finished Business
09 - Blues Power
10 - Blue Mountain Spring
11 - Ruthven II
12 - Zing...Went the Strings

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Ben Carr said...

Hello Bob,
My name is Ben Carr and I'm a Griffith Film School student currently in production on a documentary on Mop and the Dropouts. We start filming in a week, and are currently searching through archive material - I noticed you have quite an excellent knowledge and collection and was wondering if I could possibly contact you. The band have bits and pieces as does Musgrave Park Cultural Centre/Librarys but I was just wondering whether you had any old posters, albums, photos that we could possibly reproduce. I know this is forward of me but any help you could give would be very much appreciated.


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Hi Ben feel free to contact me via myspace or facebook or here if you like, if you send me an email addy i won't publish it.
I have a copy of their single but no other stuff, I can remember see them once at Sandgate. I was a work mate of Mops cousin when I was an apprentice so I did meet em all but it was a long time ago.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Oh Ben I should add I'm very interested in hearing about the project and maybe keeping readers up to date on it. Can't wait to see the finished product.