Friday, February 24, 2012

Blackeyed Susans - All Souls Alive (1993)

The Blackeyed Susans 2nd album released
back in 1993 is a wonderful record for this
rainy weather we are having here in Brisbane.

Graham Lee said of the album,
"You couldn't describe it as a sunny record,
I don't think anyone would've been expecting that.
But there's a willingness to experiment."

10 tracks of beauty from this wonderful band
for a wet weekend.

Track list
01 - a curse on you
02 - we could've been someone
03 - every gentle soul
04 - memories
05 - sheets of rain
06 - reveal yourself
07 - i can see now
08 - apartment no 9
09 - dirty water
10 - this one eats souls


Anonymous said...

Hi,Could You Please Re-Up the Laughing Clowns Stuff?Mostly I need "Law of Nature"+"History"
Great thanx from Germany.

Bob said...

Its much better if requests are made on the post concerned, I shall reup law of nature maybe this weekend

roy vita said...

hi, great album!!!

since millon years i am looking for the spencer p jones album sobering thoughts
any chance?

Bob said...

No sorry Roy I dont have that

Oro said...

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Best regards,

Bob said...

very nice blog Oro, I shall be downloading from there in the next few days!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the blackeyed susans. talking about mellow strains, bit of footage here of matt williamson doing some hometown music store busking.

Anonymous said...

Bob said...

great vid thanks

AC said...

Thanks for posting 'All Souls Alive' Bob, this has been on my wants lists for some years.