Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Dili Allstars - Via La Musical

The Dili Allstars were formed when Paul Stewart and Colin Buckler
(of the notable band Painters and Dockers) contacted East Timorese
musician Gil Santos to record a song to protest the capture of
East Timorese resistance leader Xanana Gusmão by Indonesian armed
forces in the early nineties.
This song was a version of Rose Tattoo's 'We Can't Be Beaten',
sung in both Tetum and English. Both Santos and Stewart had had a
long involvement with the East Timor struggle as they had lost a
father and a brother, respectively, in the Indonesian
invasion of 1975.
In 2001 they released their 1st album Hanoin, Via La Musical
was released in 2004.The 5 track mini album Increase The Peace
was released in 2006 and they had 2 tracks on thge 2009 Balibo
This is wonderful world music!
Funny, honest, born out of suffering that I cant imagine.
From our nearest neighbour whom we deserted in their
time of need.


01 O Hele Le
02 Runaway
03 Thank You Mama
04 Peace & Unity
05 That Girl
06 Nothing Tastes Better Than The Neighbour's Chicken
07 Rise Up
08 Innocent Child
09 Advance Australia Where?
10 Beautiful Smile
11 Have You Ever Been Blown Ashore?
12 Sempre Contigo
13 O Hele Le (Reprise)

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