Saturday, October 25, 2014

Railroad Gin - A Matter of Time

Brisbane in 1974, when high school band Kid Galahad and the Eternals
became the Saints, this band released their album Matter Of Time
and had a hit single with the title track.
This is about as far back in Brisbane music history I go, there were
other pioneers but these guys I remember from the radio of my
primary school days.

They actually formed in 1969 before I started my schooling and
became the first successful band from here, selling some 10 000
copies of this Lp which I recently got a copy of .
The musicians they toured with is like a who's who of that early
Australian music scene including Billy Thorpe, Sherbet,
Little River Band, Daddy Cool, Stevie Wright, Pink Zoot,
Matt Taylor, Renee Geyer and Marcia Hines
Lead singer Carol Lloyd went on to form the Carol Lloyd band
releasing  three albums and seven singles released between
1974 and 1979. These days she is fighting a terminal illness.

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