Sunday, November 20, 2016

Tex Perkins, Far from Folsom,Brisbane 19-11-16 — at Boggo Road Gaol.

Featuring Tex Perkins and The Tennessee Four with Rachael Tidd
this show was the last of the tour which saw tex and co perform across
the country in some of Australia's best known prisons.
And what a show it was of course Tex has done a number of these
Johnny Cash shows and he's pretty good at it,
This was pure theater and the outlaw prison theme
ran through the night with much special referencing to both Cash
and the only prison in Australia in which he played not only once but twice


jeff in sydney said...

Hi Bob,

Long time fan, haven't popped by for a while. Not sure whether you are doing requests, but I am wondering if you have and could upload Dave Steel's "Bitter Street". It's absence from my collection has been driving me mad for about 5 years now. I have the LP, but my rip efforts are disastrous, wish I knew how to do it better. Only recently found that it actually came out on CD. Missed that one.

Many thanks,

Jeff in Sydney

Bob Nebe said...

hi jeff, i actually have that on vinyl but I haven't a rip, Ill see what I can do however it might take a while things are busy at the moment

jeff in sydney said...

Bob, that would be wonderful. Merry Christmas! Jeff in Sydney.

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