Sunday, February 4, 2018

Peter Milton Walsh - Junk Bar 3-2-18 Brisbane

It was a beautiful and intimate evening of song
from one of the greatest songwriters ever
at the Junk bar last night.
Peter accompanied on a few songs played and sung
from the back catalog of his band the Apartments
taking us back some 30 years interspersed
with more than a few shorterned versions of stories
that those songs brought up.
His story telling, his beautiful often sad melodies
and his spellbinding songs all made for a special
evening, but then it always is


I've included a few shots and a video of one 
of those special songs
Mr Somewhere


Paul Connelly said...

nice job Bob Nebe......Look forward to seeing you in a few weeks

John Willsteed said...

Bob, you gotta turn that autofocus off!!!!

Gary T said...

Thanks for the clip of Mr Somewhere, wish i'd been there to enjoy it,

Bob Nebe said...

I know John its a shocker!