Thursday, July 12, 2018

Franc Lee - Beauty and Weakness

Lee Has been making wonderful music in Brisbane
for decades and his most recent work is lovely, considered
work and quiet the departure from his electronic past
This EP is worth checking out especially if your
a fan of his earlier work.
Im looking forward to the Album.
I shall hand over to Lee to explain

I am going under the name Franc Lee
and have released an EP called Beauty and Weakness.
It’s available as a digital download and also on CD.
Over the past few decades I have been in numerous bands
and released quite a bit of music.
I always worked collaboratively on those projects and
was always listed under my real name as one of the
writers and performers.
Those projects were almost exclusively electronic based
and this time around I wanted to do things differently.
I wanted to do something that was all mine.
So I invented a new persona and worked in a genre
that was out of my comfort zone – guitar based
Art Rock, Indie Pop.
I wrote the songs by myself and
played all the instruments except drums.
I would have given the drums a go too,
but it would have required a bigger studio space
and more equipment than I have,
so I had to compromise on that point and
get someone else to do it.
I always work best in my own space and time
and so recorded and mixed the songs at home by myself.
The drums were record in Italy
and some in USA and then I just added them to my mix.
I am working towards a full album.
It’s just about finished really
but I wanted to put out the EP first to test the waters
and work out how to connect with listeners.
There is no point putting out an album
is no one is going to hear it.
Connecting with listeners is harder than writing and
recording the music.
It’s something I have no experience in and no real
desire to learn, but hopefully I will muddle my way
through somehow.
If anyone is interested in working with me on
that side of things I would love to hear from them.

The EP can be downloaded for FREE or
CD’s are available to but at

I also have a facebook page


Lee Lee said...

Excellent, thank you!

This is Stan said...

What a charming little record.

David Muddle said...

I highly recommend this release! I purchased the physical CD via Bandcamp and received it quickly. Well-written and produced indie pop, deserving of support. Well done, Franc!