Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Antenna - Installation

This was a 1998 project with Kim Salmon and Dave Faulkner with Justin Frew and Stuart McCarthy.
Christina Amphlett does a lead vocal on the song "Divine". I saw on one of the weekend current affairs shows that she is having a hard time with cancer at the moment :(  ..  good luck Chrissy!
Most people will only know one song from this cd, "Come on Spring", but this cd has had high rotation in the house of Chuck now for years and worth checking out here

This was from the T.V. show Recovery live in 1998.

I found this tonight on the ol utube.. a version by Mick Harvey

As a side note,,Kim Salmon in Scientists mode performed "Blood Red River" at a recent ATP gig in New York...  Big thanks goes out to the guy from Sun Distortion who gave me the heads up on the location of a recording of that gig found here -
Lots of other goodies at that site worth investigation.

As a side side note: Sun Distortion is a new warehouse gig space in Albion that seems to be run by some well meaning people with good intentions. Good luck peeps.. Brisbane needs some more venues.


Dr Hank said...

Antenna sounds really interesting, thanks!

Village Idiot said...

Any chance you take requests?

I'm dying to hear Ups and Downs version of Pig City from the early nineties, thought you might have a recording somewhere.

either way - keep on keeping on, you and your blog is a force of nature.

Anonymous said...

you mite like this

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks mr anon, very nice robert forster story there!
But dont stay anonymous, myself and Chuck dont bite much

chuck said...

I bit 3 fingers of a guys left hand once cos he was pickin on my cat... I havent heard any bite stories about Bob tho . . ...

Zarquon said...

Kim Salmon sings 'Come on Spring' on the tribute to Linda Gebar album, available from Audrey Studios

The album features people well-known in the Melbourne indie scene (and others).


Dead EyesOpened said...

I just wanted to say what a great Album this is, I was lucky enough to see Antenna at the Big Day Out Gold Coast at the time, (possibly their first gig of what turned out to be very few gigs) and I waited in vain for a Chrissie Amphlett appearance, The band was well received by the crowd, and I was so enamoured by them that I failed to notice Sarah McLeod and Chris Tennent from The Superjesus standing next to me until the band finished their set.