Friday, December 3, 2010

Wildlife Documentaries EP - The SSS blogs monumental 500th Post

Well loyal readers of the SSS blog we have made the very special
milestone of our 500th post.
When I started this blog back on Australia Day 2008 I never guessed
what a wonderful time it would be. Coming up to 3 years at the end
of next January I think Myself and Chuck shall have to think up an
great post for that!

This EP is a very special record I've kept up my sleeve for a special
occasion. Wildlife Documentaries was formed in the early 80s after
the original Saints split.
Ed Kuepper and Ivor Hay returned to Australia,
Hay joined The Hitmen, and Kuepper formed Laughing Clowns.
Chris Bailey remained in the UK and set about assembling a
new version of The Saints that initially included Hay on drums
(who returned to the UK briefly).

After that, Hay formed this jazz-inspired combo
Wildlife Documentaries back in Sydney.
Described as a "steel skeleton with a heart of brass"
they released this ep on M squared in June 1982.
And that was it, shame really because this band had a
wonderful sound very much in the same vein as the
Laughing Clowns.
After the end of this band Ivor rejoined Bailey in The Saints
during 1985.

Howard Cairns has continued working is music and after 25 years
has recently put out a record read all about it Here

Wildlife Documentaries are

Ivor Hay - Drums and Vocals
Howard Cairns - Guitar and Vocals
Mark Spence - Bass
Michael Charles - Alto Sax

Also playing on this record

Louise Elliot - Tenor Sax
and Greg Thorne - Trumpet

Track List

Forest for the Trees
Promise Me
Ghetto Strength

Download Here


chuck said...

mmmmmmmmm ²

Stan Lee said...

I have the original 12" somewhere or other. Thanx for the post, it'll save me looking for it!

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! Thanks for the music and memories since 2008.


Donat Tahiraj said...

I'll have to put up the Greg Cairns post WD project, User Loving for y'all They did one 45 from 83/84.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Yes Donat, Ill be looking forward to that!

chuck said...

got this from history in firefox.. the deposit file went dead.. i might have the zshare ill find in future days.
If anyone can resurrect from browser history the links they got from sharebee for recent dloads from this site please post them in comments as it looks like sharebee is dead.

Nostro said...

I still have this ep that I still do play occasionally. It usually gets some airtime when reminiscing with friends at about the time Laughing Clowns are played. Of course 'we' still all love the Clowns, but nobody ever seems to recall this Ivor Hay ep.
Thanks for this one - 'tis excellent to have for digital moments.

Anonymous said...

congrats SSS!

Anonymous said...

I always loved this ep and never knew who the muso's were.

Now it all makes sense.

Raga said...

Another forgotten record, second last one for now Bob, if it's floating around I'd love to give it a spin!

Bob Nebe said...

back up