Saturday, January 8, 2011

Arvo - Oriental Exotique bw Bikini/ Lost at sea

Peter sent me this mystery way back just before I got
married last year and went on a 6 week honeymoon.
Well I just found again in the dark recesses of my inbox
and here it is.
The mystery is does anyone out there know anything about
this band and this single. I did manage to find a video of the
single but nothing much else.
Released in 1984, recorded in Sydney.
So any recollections will be greatly appreciated.

Download single and artwork Here


Owen said...

Here you go...

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks Owen, do you know the artist, her web site doesnt mention arvo

Owen said...

No, sorry. All I did was google the names on the label and recognised the face. Her CV states she is/was also a singer so I'm pretty sure it's her, despite the lack of an Arvo reference.

As for the other half, I'm guessing Roy Nicolson is the same one from which fits the producer/singer duo bill nicely.

Perhaps you could email either/both of them and ask for the story? It's a curio, for sure!


twiceremoved said...

They also had an Lp called "Luna" and a 7" for "Picture in the Paper". All my copies are promo only stamped, I guess not many sold as I never heard of them at the time and was a slave to Countdown, Smash Hits, etc... well, I was 10 in 1984.

Anonymous said...

Hey, great blog you have here!
I wondered if you had an album by an obscure Adelaide band the Spikes, called "Colour in a Black Forest"? It's long out of print, and my original copy from the 80's is beat.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Not me sorry havent heard of them even, anyone else?

Anonymous said...

Here's an interview with their vocalist, and a short bio:

Anonymous said...

please upload again

Bob said...

back up

Bleepmeister said...

A bit late to this conversation, but I have said album.
"Luna", released 1984 on CBS Records. Recorded and Mixed at Paradise Studios Sydney, strangely management was from South Yarra, Melbourne.
Vocals: Deborah Gray
Emulator/Prophet 5/DX7: Roy Nicholson.
Additional Musicians:
Sunii De Silva - Percussion
Tony Buchanan - Saxes
Paul Pooley - Fretless Bass
Track Listing:
Side A:
Picture in the Paper
Stranger in a Strange land
So Deep

Side B
Oriental Exotique
Help Me Boy
You Win I Lose
Lost at Sea

harleytexas said...

Any chance of an download of their album?

Anonymous said...

Link is dead, can you please re-upload this single? Thanks in advance!!