Friday, January 28, 2011

Matt Williamson - Shaking Hands

Matt Williamson is one this countries great folk artists,
unsung in a country that doesn't appreciate its folk artist,
incredibly humble and more than generous giving away
him wonderful music.
This is a beautiful album a perfect recording, I'd think it
was an studio recording rather than live radio preformance.
Intimate acoustic, brilliant work from all the musicians.
This is the music I'd expect to hear on the radio heaven
Matt sings of in the 3rd song.
But enough from me download the album and
let us know what you think.
Now over to Matt

This was a live gig on charles sturt university
radio in bathurst
sep 2010 i'm with
aaron hopper-guitar and
chris mccusker
on acc bass.
Hope it helps soothe a few souls.

Track List
01. Drifter
02. The Moon On Our Shoulder
03. Radio Heaven
04. Give Me Comfort
05. Loaded Man With A Gun
06. Cain And Abel
07. Cain In Nod
08. Freedom
09. Old Black Man
10. Trees
11. Willy-Willy
12. Song From A Broken Man

Download Here

Matt Williamson - guitar/vocal...
Aaron Hopper - guitar......
Chris Mckusker - acc bass


stevedav said...

Matt Williamson is Australia's greatest secret - thankyou for the upload, he has some beautiful songs.