Monday, June 13, 2011

the 279 club- Exchange Hotel circa 1981

The Exchange Hotel is a different animal now  lol..

 I'm guessing these posters are from 1981 by the dates.
It's really hard to find any tangible evidence that brisbane band the '31st' ever existed- no recordings were ever pressed. Gary Williams talks about hearing a demo/ practice tape during the wonderful brisbane music 4zzz event 'eternally ours' :that was luckily taped and much later posted here on sss - link, but to date no release or leaked tape of 31st sounds has surfaced. Lots of stories exist about the 31st as it had some magical key elements and most notabily its members Ron Peno(link to new song) and Mick Medew penned the classic anthem -igloo, later resurfacing as a screaming tribesmen song....
anyhoo.. I'm mentioning it here cos some of these posters mentions live dates that the 31st performs with contemporaries the End, J.f.K. and cuban crisis and Out of Nowhere etc...
also worthy of noting is the go-betweens supporting xero!


Donat said...

Recordings of the 31st certainly exist along the grapevine, and yes these paper items are definitely from 1981.

It was the Pirhana Brothers who ran the Queens Hotel and the Silver Dollar ran the Exchange during 1981. They were immortalised in the Swell Guys song, Sidetracking.

If you have a look at an entire list of who played at the 279 Club during the course of its short life, you'll see the crème de la crème of the so-called Brisbane Sound pitching themselves up against interstate acts.

Anonymous said...

hi chuck, you can easily score the 31st song on the "Do the Pop redux CD compliation". It is ‘Time Moves Fast’, definitely getting hold of . cheers mark b

chuck said...

holy crap.. cant believe i'd forgotten about that track.. less than a metre away from me the whole time.. dunno why i never ripped that to the hard drive.. the do the pop redux is fantastic but ive been pissed orf for 3 years now cos they promised me that DTP redux part 2 n 3 would be out early 08.. liner notes state the other 3 31st tracks from the elusive demo 4track would appear in the brisbane DTP redux yet to be released.. tic toc tic toc
BIG BIG thanks for kickstarting the old and fading gray matter mark :)

willsteed said...

hey chuck. these posters (esp the two 279 posters - one by me, one by mal skewis) i haven't seen for a long time. i'd love to get scans . . jw

chuck said...

Happy to help anyway possible JW.
The pics here are from a compact digi camera and fixed lens/ light conditions dont do the posters any justice... i could get a better quality camera and try some lights to improve them or if you have access to a pro setup or a large format scanner yer welcome for a short term loan. Posters measure 50cm x 80cm aprox.
drop bob an email addy and he can pass over to me.
hmmm.. seen u on FB i think- I'll try a message on that.

mal skewis said...

ah.. the 279 club. i just noticed one of my posters and one by willsteed. i used to work on the door there with sue mclaren. i also did some other posters (usually when jw or terry weren't available)mal