Saturday, December 6, 2008

4zzz Eternally Ours - Part 3 Brisbane bands 1975 - 1995

Part 3 1981 to 1983

The early 80's was an interesting time in Brisbane,
some of the greatest of our bands were playing
round this time. Many moved to Sydney, as the
saying goes it was time to move once 200 people
turned up to your gigs. You could only go so far here
and that was it. JFK and the Cuban Crisis did
the move and became the first band to be released by
Waterfront, others never made it past
South East Queensland.

The Seven Ballerinas were a Gold coast band who
played a lot here and the Ups and Downs made the
trip as did the tribesmen to Sydney.
The Mystery of Sixes played a lot round these parts
and I once heard a very funny story from Bazzil
about a 4zzz market day he saw and many thanks to
Brazil for many of the hard to find single covers
on his wonderful site Prehistoric Sounds

Artists in order of appearance.

The Bent Elbows - St Lucia Road
JFK and the Cuban Crisis - Juliet Jones
The Seven Ballerinas - Sometimes I feel
Mystery of Sixes - Mystery of Sixes
Screaming Tribesmen - Don't wanna Know
The Kingswoods - Pretty Vacant
Players Please Twist - All These Things
Screaming Tribesmen - Igloo
Mystery of Sixes - They'll ban you
The Tapeloops - Landlord Said
Ups and Downs - The Real World

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