Friday, October 7, 2011

Tex Perkins and the Dark Horses - 7-10-11,Judith Wright Centre, Brisbane

It was one of those gigs last night that you walk out of
on a high, people around saying things like
"That was even better than I expected"
and feeling that you just saw something well worth seeing.
According to Tex we were in for a good night because
the soundcheck was bad and by musician folklore
Bad soundcheck - good gig, good soundcheck bad gig!

Well it was an exceptional gig, Tex was in fine form and the band
were incredible. Playing many, many songs from the Dark Horses
back catalog they played with no support for 1 and half hours,
doing 3 encores. Beautiful dark country done in only the way
Tex can.

Charlie Owen was a joy to watch, boy can the man play guitar!
Other band members for the 2011 tour were, Joel Silbersher
and two new members, bassist Steve Hadley and drummer
Gus Agars. Sorry no video Chuck I got busted taking shots
as it was. The Judith Wright Centre is still a fantastic venue!


Rob Ashdown said...

Thanks for the post, this is such a great blog, mate!

Thanks, Rob

chuck said...

shame about getting busted :(
they give u a spanking for being a naughty boy?

this utube user has some nice recent tex audience clips and some screaming tribesmen live- worth checking..


geololo said...

Thanks for the post but where is the link ?
Congratulations for your blog, definitly rhe best aussie music source on the net.
Please keep on with the faith and hard work.

bob nebe said...

Thanks geololo, sorry to say I did no recording of the gig, just photos. One day I shall investigate how to record these things. Otherwise Chuck has to come along to all the gigs