Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ups & Downs and The Huxton Creepers reformation gigs

Talking of Ups and Downs, this legendary Brisbane band is reforming
along with Melbourne 80's band The Huxton Creepers for some shows
to promote the release of their retrospective CD Out Of The Darkness
and The Huxton Creepers are touring to support the re-issue on CD
for the very first time of their classic debut 12 Days To Paris.
Support is Mick Medew (former frontman of the Screaming
Tribesmen) and his band the Rumours,
For a list of gigs around the country look Here
The show is is Brisbane on the 11th of Nov at the Hi Fi.
Check it out Here


chuck said...

you forgot to mention the HiFi support is Mick Medew and the Rumours!!

Anonymous said...

yowzah!!!! wish i was in Australia for this and not here in Boston, MA, USA!!! jim

bob nebe said...

Corrected that lazy omission!