Saturday, November 5, 2011

Rowland S. Howard - Studio 22

I've been hearing good things about the recent movie - "Autoluminescent: Rowland S. Howard" bio pic.

Directed by Richard Lowenstein of "Dogs in space" and "Falefel" fame...
You can find more detail and lots links here -

I've been listening alot lately to an old ABC tv show - Studio 22 - Rowland S. Howard from 1999 and thought it would make a timely audio only post

Download Here

the band features Rowland S. howard
                          Mick Harvey
                          Brian Hooper
                          Edward Clayton Jones
songs include - She Cried
                       Dead Radio
                       Exit Everything
and                  White Wedding


Bob said...

This looks bloody good my friend!

Anonymous said...

yes, i have this studio 22 gig. its great. i have seen autoluminescent and can honestly say, i love it. ghost pics, and major credit to genevieve mcguckin for making a fitting tribute to our beloved rowland s howard.

debra mineely / damselfy58

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob, any chance you reload the Rowland Howard studio 22 set, all the links seem to have died,

cheers, Mark I

Bob said...

new link up

Anonymous said...

Hello Bob, you've got some great stuff on Rowland S. Howard here. The links for this one seem all dead again. Could you please re-up it?


Bob Nebe said...

Back Up

RSH Fan said...

Does anyone know where to get this now?
Youtube took it down about a month or so ago (Oct-Nov 2018).

I'd love to just have the audio if the video is not available.