Saturday, November 5, 2011

Rowland S. Howard

I've been hearing good things about the recent movie - "Autoluminescent: Rowland S. Howard" bio pic.

Directed by Richard Lowenstein of "Dogs in space" and "Falefel" fame...
You can find more detail and lots links here -

I've been listening alot lately to an old ABC tv show - Studio 22 - Rowland S. Howard from 1999 and thought it would make a timely audio only post here.

the band features Rowland S. howard
                          Mick Harvey
                          Brian Hooper
                          Edward Clayton Jones
songs include - She Cried
                       Dead Radio
                       Exit Everything
and                  White Wedding


Bob said...

This looks bloody good my friend!

Anonymous said...

yes, i have this studio 22 gig. its great. i have seen autoluminescent and can honestly say, i love it. ghost pics, and major credit to genevieve mcguckin for making a fitting tribute to our beloved rowland s howard.

debra mineely / damselfy58

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob, any chance you reload the Rowland Howard studio 22 set, all the links seem to have died,

cheers, Mark I

Bob said...

new link up