Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kev Carmody - National Folk Festival 2005

Well its that time of the year again when some here
in Australia celebrate the day the first boat people
landed at Sydney Cove back in 1788 as some kind
of national day. To others its a day of mourning,
the beginning of an invasion, which is the camp I
fall into.

But here also on the SSS its the time we celebrate the
birth of the SSS blog. Yes back on this day in 2008
I posted the first post of this wonderful journey.
So we embark on the 5th year!

This fine recording is a rare Kev boot,
Kevin is an amazing performer, I've seen him many
times over the years, in many diverse places and he's
always very good. So do yourself a favour download
this and play it loud, a small token to counteract the
unfortunate displays of nationalism that is meant to
be a national day.

Set 1: (Budawang Hall)
01. Intro - Dirty Dollar Intro
02. Dirty Dollar - Moonstruck Intro
03. Moonstruck
04. Just A Little Fingerpick (instrumental)
- Comin' Home Intro
05. Comin' Home - Midnight Special
06. "Bitchin' Song" - Didgeridoo Intro
07. Didgeridoo Solo (instrumental)
- Slide Guitar Intro
08. Slide Guitar Solo (instrumental)
- Images Of London Intro
09. Images Of London
- From Little Things Intro
10. From Little Things Big Things Grow
(with kids from the audience)
Set 2: (Trocadero Tent)
11. Intro to Thou Shalt Not Steal
12. Thou Shalt Not Steal
13. Droving Woman