Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Triffids and Friends - Alternate recording, 2011 11 24 Powerhouse, Brisbane

We now have a SSS blog exclusive,

a second source recording of the Brisbane Powerhouse gig.
A big thanks to the mysterious Mr S for this recording which
according to him fell of the back of a truck.
A big thanks to Mr S who have been a long time contributor
and friend of the SSS blog.
A thanks to the local paper from whom I stole that nice photo.
Its an excellent recording by the way!
I won't say its better than Chucks just different!


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much - very nice quality. Now to compare the two sources at length...

AC said...

Love the blog, Bob, am a long time reader. Thought you might like to see this interview I did with Triffids biographer and esteemed photographer Bleddyn Butcher. Pt2 will be live soon too cheers

Bob said...

Thanks AC!