Sunday, March 25, 2012

Adele and Glenn - I Dreamt I Was A Sparrow

This is going to be the must have album this year, can't wait!

Pop brilliance from 2 very talented people!



Kudos for the great work. I just got back to blogging myself, following a couple of years of web silence after ending previous site TOTALLY WIRED. You can now find me at, and I'll be linking your blog there.

Bob said...

Thanks ex lion tamer I had a quick look befor work at your blog and it looks great, I shall check it out later ciao

blureu said...

Love it! When is the album coming out?

Bob said...

I can't find out yet, but its finished and they are doing a few dates in the next couple of months.
I guess in the next couple of months!

Dan G. said...

Just gorgeous. Can't wait for more.