Thursday, March 15, 2012

I Spit On Your Gravy - Fruit Loop City

Hailing from Melbourne’s St Kilda, I spit on your gravy
existed from 1983 to 1988.
They released a couple of singles (one here)
which came from this Lp and a limited ed give away
flexi disk
An ep, later re-released with bonus Eat Your Head
compilation tracks and 1 album Fruit Loop City in 1987.
This vinyl rip comes from anonymous donor
So a big thanks to our anonymous donor!


01 - Batman vs Godzilla
02 - What's Happening
03 - Please Don't Touch
04 - Last Tram
05 - Harassment
06 - Man's Not A Camel
07 - Loneliness
08 - Piranha
09 - Pickled Fish Lips
10 - Fishtank
11 - Billy the Kid
12 - In Not Out
13 - Burger Shop Slaughter
14 - Joke

Download Here


steven said...

Hey, take your hands out of the water!!!

Nice one.

Anonymous said...

ha! haven't seen this one for a while...i still see a couple of these miscreants floating around st fact i encountered fred negro last week in an alleyway armed with pen and paper, setting off to do his pub strip...nice one indeed

Anonymous said...

I have a FLAC version of this too if anyone wants it

keef said...

dang, the mp3 link is broken... i have this on vinyl but would love to get it on digital ... any chance you know of another link? :)