Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Queensland in Quarantine

A fine collection of Brisbane music from the mid eighties organised by Linda Wallace for this cassette + postcards release.
This has been uploaded on Striped Sunlight before, but posted here again in higher resolution with postcards for your enjoyment.

Here are some words from Linda from the June 29 2008 posting - (some nice comments worth reading from other blog watchers) link here-
A friend of mine pointed me to the blog and I was thrilled to read all the comments about "Queensland in Quarantine, a compilation of diseased music" and also to see that the tape is available online. However I wasn't so thrilled to read that it was attributed to 4ZZZ, as the station had nothing to do with it -- the project was very much my own baby.

In late 1982 I moved to Brisbane to work as an announcer and producer at 4ZZZ. Before moving back to Sydney at the beginning of '84 I decided to make the cassette as a record of the time. I sold my car to finance it. There were postcards inside the package by Matt Mawson, (Terry Murphy and John Wilsteed)sic.*, and stickers. Harley Stumm helped A LOT on the production, as did Mark Loutit (where we mastered the tape) and Matt did the final visual layout.
*second postcard by Damien Ledwich- chuck..*

I selected the music that I'd grown to love over that year in Brisbane, and also chose all audio grabs that went between the tracks. These fragments helped to situate the music. I worked with Harley on these clips in the Triple Z studios, sometimes using material from the newsroom (so in these ways the station indirectly supported the production).

I had 500 packages made and sent them to record stores, radio stations and media all around Australia. I guess I gave 50 away - to the bands, artists, helpers and media - but all 450 others eventually sold, over the course of a year or so, and, as I recall I sort of slowly covered my costs.

I've downloaded the file and listened to the whole thing again today and I think it is remarkable that it is still so fresh and alive, and really brings back the feeling of life in Brisbane in 1983, which is nearly thirty years ago, before the digital world and the internet.

So please, download and relax with 'Queensland in Quarantine', perhaps with a gin and tonic on the verandah, dreaming of the time that was so intense, creative and vivid.
Download CD 1 Here

1. MATT MAWSON "ElectroProp" 
2. -Loop: Harley,Linda & Mark Louttit- (voices of Grant & Robert Go-Between)
3. PICTISH BLOOD "Religious Fallacies" 
                               mirror    or     rapid
5. LINDA & HARLEY "Narcolepsey" 
                                mirror     or      rapid
6. COLOURS "Blue Shirt" 
                                 mirror    or      rapid
7. THIS 5 MINUTES "Coronation Time" 
                                 mirror     or      rapid
8. Steven's Arrest
9. FURIOUS TURTLES "Trust Mistrust 
                                 mirror     or      rapid
10. VACANT ROOMS "Living In A Shadow"
11. STRANGE GLORY "Burial"
12. Flo / Muntz' first & last press conference 
13. TINY TOWN "And I"
14. PERSIA "Q-Girl
15. Flo 
17. Joh
18. SUZETTE "..........."
19. Flo
+art work

Download CD 2  Here
259 mb
You can now find the audio files and more background at the remix
archives with this post put up by Linda Wallace as of oct 2018


bob nebe said...

A timly post Chuck as we here in Queensland appear to be returning to the bygone Joh era thanks to Campbell Bjelke Newman.

chuck said...

yes.. made me get up off my arse and post this tonight... as earlier in the day the lord mayor of our fine city and the State Premier of our fine lands engaged 200+ police to end a demonstration..
200 + police??? WTF.. it musta taken an hour for a roll call... return to the jackboot brigade... sad days..
Would have been more timely if rapidgator hadnt shut down ...

Harley Stumm said...

Thanks so much for posting the audio and the visuals too, Chuck.

Was this your copy? Whoever kept it safe all these years, I love the way they kept every little component, even the cute little stickers from the inside of the cassette covers: "We make it grate in the Sunshine State".

These were treasured items in a world where people who liked that music and hated the powers, barely ever saw or heard themselves represented, or had a voice.

And the way that Matt used every little precious bit of printable space, the same. He was just saying if only they had digital full colour printing... the odd choice of colours was probably dictated by getting the job printed with some other job, on the cheap, perhaps a favour from a printer.

It was a different world: pre-facebook, pre-personal computers, pre-laser printing... and before the arts institutions were open to young ratbags... just guitars and portastudios, and the radio...

Stampout Disco said...

Further proof that ZZZ while pumping out the only decent music in town, was burdened by this brand of naive fringe student politics.

I mean, if Joh was such a fascist why could these kids get away with badmouthing him endlessly on air?

Unlike say any of the Communist regimes that ZZZ was talking up at the time.

Raga said...

Another one I'd love to hear if you've still got a copy of it, Cheers Bob!

bob nebe said...

Back up here on the original post

Unknown said...

I wasn't involved in this, except for playing on the Pork track (now THAT was an interesting evening!), and i don't think Terry was either. Looks like the art is all Matt and Damien. I love this package though. It has so much energy, and is a great representation of what ZZZ was like at the time, though with more time to produce. Good on Linda and Harley (and Matt, Mark etc) for making it. JW.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone upload this again please or post a link somewhere for it.
i'd love love love to hear it, looks amazing.
Thank you