Saturday, June 2, 2012

Regurgitator - Live at the wireless jjj 1994

Regurgitator are one of the finest bands to come out of Brisbane.
 Currently consisting of Quan Yeomans (lead vocals, guitar), 
Ben Ely (bass, vocals) and Peter Kostic (drums). 
The band formed in 1994, its original line-up consisting of Yeomans, 
Ely and drummer Martin Lee. Regurgitator's debut studio album, 
Tu-Plang earnt the band a significant following, before the release 
of their second album Unit in 1997 which propelled the band into 
mainstream success, winning the ARIA Award for Best Album 
of 1998 and going three times platinum.Regurgitator have released 
seven studio albums and five EPs to date, and their most recent 
studio album, SuperHappyFunTimesFriends was released
in August 2011. The band are playing the ZzZ benifit 
Rumble Rock Wrestling on June10th with heaps of other music 
and real wrestling. In the meantime enjoy the live talents of this fab 
band on this way back when they were young Triple J 
live at the wireless!

Download Here


Sean Dwyer said...

Nice one Bob, some interesting versions there. I particularly like the odd pictures embedded in the tracks!

Bob said...

Glad you like it Sean, but I cant see any embedded pics on my computer! Maybe thats a good thing!

Patrick Slack said...

Please! I need this audio - I have been looking for so long for this! Help...

Patrick Slack said...

Hey! Any chance of getting this audio still? I was a huge supporter of the band in the early 90's and had taped this live at the wireless and listened to it constantly. Now I have lost it and to be so close to getting it again filled me with chills...

Sean said...

Hey mate….. have been looking for this for so long now. I also had it taped years ago and it got taped over. All the links seem to be dead. Is there any way i can get hold of this?

Bob Nebe said...

back up

JB said...

Like the comments above, I thrashed this on a tape cassette recorded from the LATW in 94. Awesome. Spewing the links are dead again.