Monday, July 9, 2012

Return To White Chairs gig announced !

Featuring many bands essential to Brisbane's music history, this is THE gig not be missed for 2012.

The long weekend Sunday September 30
P.O.W. Hotel -Nundah.

Brisbane bassist Susan Welch of punk band The Hostages ('79-81) releases the first in a series of live music reunion shows that present some of the finest of avant garde/punk/post punk/new wave music from '77-82, showcasing the incredible talent that the era produced.. one for the nostalgia buffs, screenings will also trip you down memory lane..

more info here -

Leftovers -
Xero -
Lemmings -
The Pits -
Black Assassins -



Anonymous said...

gawd ... in the words of the divine Wendy, "I'm discombobulated" to see the crappy vid I shot here ... Shame it doesn't her Divine self, Ed or Steven justice ... hey ho ... Wendy really rocked this song with 'Spank' as well ... i adore ... dior her ...