Friday, August 3, 2012

Don Walker - Melbourne, 26 july 2012

Steve a long time contributor to the SSS blog has sent in his
wonderful recording of a recent Don Walker gig.
From his early work in Cold Chisel, his solo work, to his work
with Tex Perkins as a 3rd of the Tex Don And Charlie trio he is
considered one of Australia's greatest song writers.
Thanks Steve

Don Walker And The Suave Fucks
Northcote Social Club, Melbourne
26 July 2012

01 Sitting In A Bar
02 Angry Women
03 Everybody
04 Postcard from Elvis
05 Young Girls Intro
06 Young Girls
07 The Perfect Crime(?)
08 Four In The Morning
09 Nightfishing
10 Hully Gully
11 I'm Feeling Lucky
12 Get Along
13 The Good Book
14 Johnny's Gone
15 HQ454 Monroe Intro
16 HQ454 Monroe
17 Band Intros
18 Harry Was A Bad Bugger
19 Eternity
20 My Girl
21 Stay Positive(?)

Dave Blight - harmonica
Garret Costigan - pedal steel
Glen Hanna - guitar
Roy Payne - guitar
Hamish Stuart - drums
Michael Vidale - bass
Don Walker - piano, vocals

Download Here


duckdogtwo said...


Setlist update:

Track 1 is 'Sitting In A Bar'

Track 8 is 'Four In The Morning'

Any help with tracks 7 and 21 appreciated.


Bob said...

Updated thanks Steve

Anonymous said...

Attempted a download but there appears to be something wrong with Young Girls.

Bob said...

You might have to download again I got from the same source and its fine

rrrkitchen said...

Thanks so much for this. I couldn't attend this run of shows, so I'm rapt you got this recorded. Walker's band really does have the best ever band name :)

Justin said...

Would love to hear this if a re up is possible

Bob said...

back up