Saturday, August 25, 2012

Kelpies, The - Official Bootleg - The Dungeon Tapes: Live at 51 Stanley Street

The Kelpies came to my attention via the classic Phantom Records
compilation "Paths of Pain to Jewels of Glory", which I posted here
a long time ago. They also were on the Sydney punk band compilation
"Flowers From The Dustbin" . So a single on Phantom, some tracks
on compilation albums and this rough and ready LP that comes from
a few different sources. This early 80's Sydney band should have
gone places!

The following is from a review found here

This album comes in at just over an hour and represents the Kelpies
complete recorded legacy. The tracks are derived from three sources.
First up and accounting for well over half the tracks and almost
exactly half of the running time here are what have become known
variously as "The Dungeon Tapes",
"The Kelpies Official Bootleg" and/or "Live At 51 Stanley Street".

Continually broke and forced to eke out a subsistence level existence
on the dole, several of the Kelpies shared an old, rented terrace
house in East Sydney, which became the centre of the band's
world as the extent of their horizon contracted to the four walls
of 51 Stanley Street,
gigs evaporating in the wake of their growing reputation for
precipitating audience violence at their shows.
A reputation that, by the way, was overblown by at least fifty percent
according to them (meaning that yes, there was a lot of violence at
their gigs, but no, they don't reckon they directly incited any of it).

Unable to afford access to a rehearsal studio and increasingly
constrained from performing live, they used their abundant spare
time to line their basement walls with old mattresses, covered the
ceiling with discarded egg cartons and then took to playing their
live set there day after day to stay in practice.
Having turned their basement into a home rehearsal studio,
it didn't take much of a leap of the imagination to convert it
into a home recording studio as well, by borrowing a cassette recorder
and stringing up a couple of microphones from the light fittings.

This then is perhaps the true sound of punk,
it is certainly the true sound of the Kelpies -
young and keen and burning with frustration;
playing not for the sake of fat record contracts,
fame and fortune or even their fans,
but simply for their own satisfaction in an otherwise empty room.
_ John McPharlin

01 Living In A World Of Fear 
02 Love Is A Revolution 
03 Rich Man 
04 I Don't Know Why 
05 Dead Meat 
06 Underway 
07 Brand New Cadillac 
08 Life Looks So Good Through A Beer Bottle
09 Change
10 Die
11 Ride
12 Without The Pain
13 Naked Flesh
14 Television

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