Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cathie O'Sullivan - - Artesian Waters

This wonderful rare 1980 Lp from Cathie O'Sullivan is
Celtic harp folk songs sung in her beautiful voice.
I saw Cathie back in the early 80's one cool night
outside, at the Maleny Folk Festival, it was one of the
stand out performances of the event and I promptly
bought her Lp

Track List

01 Planxty Dermott O'Dowd
02 Green Bushes
03 The Lost Sailor
04 Song Of Artesian Water
05 The Halting March
06 Barbry Allen
07 Molly Baun Lavery
08 The Teams
09 The Miner
10 Cliffs Of Moher
11 Norfolk Whalers
12 Old Copper Plate
13 Love's Coming

Download Here


Paul said...

Thanks for this post. Just wondering when downloading, which download manager do people use. Seems to be a lot of them at the link and I seem to use a different one everytime I try a download

Bob said...

These free hosting sites can be difficulf sometimes, just click the link to the mirrorcreator site, wait till the links are fetched at the bottom of the page, there's 6 separate download sites on this page, one has failed. Click one, say Zippyshare, theres a link under were it says "Please click here to go to your donwload page" Click that and on the right in an orange box it says Download Now, click that and your download should start without any download manager

the extinction gallery said...

Just stumbled upon a Cathie Sullivan record called "Summerhaze" while going through my uncle's billions of records. The cover and title immediately grabbed me so I pulled it out for a listen. My gosh, it is is exactly what I was needing from life right now. So, so, so beautiful and ethereal. There isn't much info up on the net about her, but I am amazed to read on your blog that she was performing at the Maleny Folk Festival in the 80's! My dad was a part of its inception, and so most likely saw her perform. How wonderful and small the world. Thanks for this download :-)