Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ratpack - Live at the Paradise Room Surfers Paradise 1979


Michael  has sent the 2nd cd in his trilogy of 3 very interconnected bands from the Gold Coast. The first being the Strand Cd found here and the 3rd will be the Seven Ballerinas, which I am so looking forward to. Here is also the link to some press clippings of the Strand here and the Ratpack single here. The Seven Ballerinas single is here and press clippings in info on the band here.  This recording sounds great I can here quiet a bit iof the Strand or even the Sunnyboys sound in them, well worth a listen and I'd love to hear your comments! Thanks Michael for all your work again, now over to Michael for the low down on the band      

  John Smethurst (vocals and guitar) later founding member of Seven Ballerinas in 1981
Mario Spina (bass guitar and vocals) later founding member fo Seven Ballerinas in 1981
Nigel Baker (keyboards and vocals) later founding member of Seven Ballerinas in 1981
Cliff Hoad (drums) later founding mermber of Kings Of The Sun.

On the Coast not many bands played originals back in 79. Or more so not many bands playing originals got work. Was very hard to compete with the cover bands and discos. Formed on the Gold Coast in 1978. Ratpack secured a regular gig at The Paradise Room Surfers Paradise.We were very lucky to have 2 venues (Paradise Room and The Miami Hotel) that gave us  opportunity to show original bands can pull a crowd 


TB Scab said...

Thanks for this ! These guys are great, I've just heard 'Surfers Paradise' on youtube where Michael Palmer has uploaded some things from the scene.
Any chance of reupping the CD ? Cheers.