Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sir Kuepper Second Winter tour starts friday!!

well this is one of the most anticpated tours of the year for me..
Mr Kuepper with Mark Dawson will be joined by Joshua Watson violin, and Rob Knaggs cello to launch the 'Second Winter' cd at the Old Museum on this friday Nov 9 .
details here -

The tour continues in NSW in the new year- details here -

 The cd is available on Bandcamp here - for a very reasonable price of $10 or u can preview the tracks first to sus em out . a few quick linked below.
You can order the physical copies of this and other titles via the Prince Melon site here -
Second Winter is essentially a re-working of the first Kuepper solo album Electrical Storm with a few extras added from that era. The new recordings add a new depth and ambience that make them stand tall by comparison, not intended as a replacement but as a worthy companion piece to the original recordings. I cant wait to see them live :)


Bob said...

She gonna be a big gig this friday! Looks like the whole SSS crew with be on hand to document the evening