Friday, December 14, 2012

Blondie - Brisbane Riverstage 13-12-12

As a teenager into all things punk and new wave Debbie was
something of a goddess and I guess she still is to me.
Not the same as that other New York goddess poet Patti
but she was the pin up girl of the New York punk scene
and Australia gave em their first hit single
Its been a long time since those days and it seems
jugding by the crowd they are still remembered by many
There is most likely never to be a more photogenic band
and lead singer so here's a heap of photos
The band were on fire, ripping through a load of Blondie
classics, I was hoping for "Picture This" which takes me
right back to 1979 every time, but songs like Atomic,
Rapture, Call Me, Hanging on the Telephone,
and Heart of Glass did it anyway.
Check out the video from the night of
"What I Heard" at the end of the post


Anonymous said...

By "never came here before" do you mean Australia or Brisbane? They've certainly been to Australia before. They came here in the 70s before they were big internationally and I think since. Glad you enjoyed the show.

Bob said...

I meant Brisbane but seems they have indeed played here before, I have corrected that now Thanks

StefanH said...

Her name is not "Blondie", that's the name of the band. Deborah is her name but ususally she is called Debbie.

Bob said...

Thanks stefan I guess plenty people call her that around this way

Charles said...

Debbie was so wonderful!