Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Saints Live on WFMU 21-5-05

The Saints are marching back into town this Thursday along with two
other of my teenage fav bands all on the same lineup, the Stranglers
and Blondie. Theres been some controversy over the lineup of the Saints
but its not the original lineup from the first three albums in any form
Chris Bailey continued the name the saints after the original band
spilt and like it or not he has been doing it for a long time now!
I love Chris Bailey's songs and have been a massive fan since
high school which for me was sometime back in the early 80's
So I'm excited!

The new album is a cracker so I'm expecting a great gig!
Heres a recent interview from the Brisbane Times
The Saints will also play Woodford this year and Bailey is
to take part in a panel about music and politics.

To get in the saints mood here's alive set from 2005 recorded

Download here 


yuttre said...

please, can you re-up The Saints - The Lyon Tapes.....

Anonymous said...

Saw The Saints, The Stranglers and Blondie in Melbourne ... similarly all teenage favs ... some trepidation about it all. Not the kind of gig for the lineup purists ... Chris Bailey Saints did well in a 45 minute set - plenty of opportunity for bad inter-song banter ... The Stranglers always a treat ... they can still combine menace and misogyny with humour ... when I think of them I admit to never thinking first of the 80s stuff but am always pleased to hear it. Blondie I enjoyed ... Do yourself a favour - I'm sure the show will be good in Brizzie

Bob said...

I cant find the lyons tape at the moment its not where it should be sorry

MARC POP said...

the lyon tapes here:

Bob said...

Thanks Marc!