Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A couple of requests

I have received a couple requests lately which Im passing on to the SSS
readership. 1st  Scot is after Redgum stuff for a documentary he is hoping
to do, sounds like a promising project so all you Redgum fans out there
this is for you.
Over to scot

I’m after photos and videos of Redgum, especially anything that 
people may have taken at gigs through the years.
 I would digitise any material and return it to the owner with a 
digitised copy for their own use.
 So they’d be helping me with an important cultural project as
 well as preserving their own memorabilia. Who knows, this 
project may even convince Sony to finally reissue the old
 Redgum albums on CD…

You can email Scot on this address


The 2nd request is for memories, music images whatever you have on Brisbane
electronic music
Ill give you the whole request as it came from Dennis

Hi Bob - thanks for writing. Nice work on the blog too.
We're working on a major retrospective of electronic music production in Brisbane 
over the last 20-30 years, and need to make sure we cover as much territory as possible.
 We need to look back in time at who was active with electronic music here during the 80s, 
as we started in 1994. Of course we know about Boxcar, but bands like Pork etc 
who were part of the scene well before that.

In your blog travels, own memory, tapes and 7" that you've got in your collection, 
and the recollections of your fans, we need want to dig up band names, contacts, 
and ideally any existing sources of tracks for this genre. 

The project is in the early days, but attached is more information. All help will be credited. 
Also attached is my running list so far but its mostly 90's-onwards...


If you can help leave a comment here and I shall get back to you
I wont post any comments with email address's but I will froward you
contact details for denis.


Lee Lee said...

I was in an electro band from 86-90. We were called Ash in October. We played fairly often. We released one single and two cassettes. We also made a video which you can find on youtube. We played with Boxcar a few times and we did some recording with them also.

Lee Lee said...

Oh, I should also say that I was also in 2 other electro bands between 84-86 and another from 90-92. All played live or released tapes etc.

TransCom said...

Hi Lee Lee - can you drop me an email to dennis@trans.com.au - thanks. Thanks also to Bob for posting.