Saturday, April 6, 2013

Beasts Of Bourbon - 26th 1st 2006 Big Day Out Festival RAS Showgrounds, Sydney

I had a request to reup a live Beasts of Bourbon show which I
could sadly no longer find, so I have taken it as a sign that I
should post this wonderful recording.
Its a live to air JJJ recording of only 5 tracks but its nice,
in a sleazy kind of way!
As only Tex can

 01. Intro
02. The Low Road
03. Make 'em Cry
04. Just Right
05. Straight, Hard and Long
06. Saturated

Download Here


chuck said...

the good peeps at turn it up to ten blog posted the recent ATP melbourne gig with all original line of beasts.. get it up ya !

Alvaro said...

This is cool!