Saturday, April 13, 2013

Atomic Beat Squad - Hurt b/w Hands Of Love 7"

Dennis, who is putting together a Brisbane electronic music
project at the moment has sent us this rare gem.
A 7" single from the Atomic Beat Squad released back in
1990 on Sundown records

Let me hand over to Dennis

And thank you Dennis for this fine post!

This is the Hurt 7" released by Atomic Beat Squad (ABS - formerly 
Tainted Violets) in 1990 on the Sundown label.
The blurb from the Time Off band guide of 1988 for Tainted Violets reads:
"Synth band with Bauhaus and Ultravox influences. Finalists in this 
year's Rock Awards. Come with big wraps."
I seem to remember ABS vying to be signed to a major label at the time.

Download Here