Monday, June 3, 2013

A Sad Day

The former lead singer of Yothu Yindi has died aged 56
at his homein the Northern Territory.
Mr Yunupingu, who is a former Australian of the Year,
died overnight at his home in Yirrkala in Eastern Arnhem Land.
He had been ill with kidney disease for several years
He became the lead singer in Yothu Yindi, which was formed in 1986,
a group which created a blend of rock and traditional Aboriginal music.
It became so popular Mr Yunupingu had to give up his teaching job.
Mr Yunupingu was the first Aboriginal person from Arnhem Land to
gain a university degree, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree
in education from Deakin University in 1988.
In 1989 he became assistant principal of the Yirrkala Community School.
In 1990 he took over as principal of that school,
becoming the first Aboriginal principal in Australia.
He held this position until late 1991,
leaving to pursue his career with Yothu Yindi.
He always said he believed that life should be balanced
and in harmony and that his mother taught him important
Aboriginal ideas about how to live with people and with nature.
His name, Yunupingu, means rock - rock that stands against time.
Reference to his first name has been removed for cultural reasons.