Saturday, June 22, 2013

Seven Ballerinas - Studio Recordings 1981 to 1991

Formed in 1981 on the Gold Coast the Seven Ballerinas were an
influential and important contributor to the alternative rock music
scene here in Brisbane just an hours drive north from the Gold Coast
and later in Sydney.
Formed from the ashes to two pre-existing bands The Strand
and Ratpack they achieved greater recognition, but for reasons
I don't understand  never made it much bigger

Through the fantastic efforts of Michael Palmer we finely have the studio
album we never got. I know if an album had of been recorded back in
the mid 80's it would have been a lot different, but this is an excellent
documentation of what was an excellent band.
This band as well as Ratpack and The Strand have been well covered
by this blog, you can find these posts Here
There's also a wikipedia entry Here
And Michael's You Tube collection of videos of these bands Here 

Now over to Michael for a bit about the Album!
Thanks Michael!

14 tracks in all.
Was many more but the quality of the source material
which is mostly cassette was crappy.
The quality on some of these varies but I hope my remastering
abilities are improving.
Track 1 and 2 is the self produced single recorded
in Sydney in 81.
Track 3 to 7 are demos recorded by record companies
in Sydney between 82 and 83.
Track 4. Falling Tear was to be our first single.
Track 3 Fools Parade and Track 4 Falling Tear were mixed by Mike Stavrou
who had mixed Brass In Pocket for The Pretenders
and also worked with Siouxsie and the Banshees.
Tracks 8 to 13 were recorded in 1987
in Sydney in a “live” studio environment.
and track 14 is a rerecording of
Sometimes I Feel done in 1991.

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