Saturday, August 9, 2014

Vital Juices Records First Birthday

        One of the more fantastic things to happen in my neck
of the woods in last last year was this wonderful
     record store opening and just a few months before
I decided to return to vinyl.

I have been introduced to some amazing music by shop
patron Grant and have picked up lots of old favorites.
There's a fantastic buzz about the place and Grant 
pulls out all the stops when celebrating  
Along with his incredible musical knowledge and
service I can't recommend this place enough. 
There's so few places like this these days so you
 have to support them and I can tell you Grant
 supports the local music scene and quite a lot of the
 local acts are releasing on vinyl now. 
 As part of the first birthday celebrations there was
 an art exhibition, something that's happened here before,
 as well live music performances and a photo booth
 project, where people could come in and get 
 photographed with there favorite album that they 
 bought here in the last year.
 I had so many good one to chose from but went 
 with Nick Drake's Five Leaves Left 
 while my Youngest son came along with his pick
 The Hits, Hikikomori, a much hipper choice than mine
 The Hinterlanders where once again fantastic to see, 
 putting on a fine performance
 and very unfortunately I had to miss Halfway, 
 but I will see them one day!