Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Sports - Don't Throw Stones

Formed in 1976 in Melbourne the Sports towered above so
many bands to become one of the best and fondly remembered
Australian bands from the era.
When Andrew Pendlebury joined in 1977 one of Australian music
most enduring partnerships begun, with both artists helping the
other out on their later brilliant solo projects.

This their brilliant debut Lp was released in early 1979 and became
part of the new wave of music that was called um,
New Wave oddly enough.
The album had 3 singles and the photos here come from my vinyl
copies I picked up recently that included the
Reckless/Mailed it to your Sister 7 "single.
Which I haven't included in this download.

The Sport went on to release other 3 or so EPs
and 3 or so Lps as well as a couple of greatest hits
type compilations.
They split in 1981 and both Stephen and Andrew embarked
on successful solo careers.

Download Here


boojum said...

Dang I needed that, thanx bro, your timing is impeccable :D

Jim P. said...

Thanks a lot for this one, my vinyl copy is damn near unlistenable now.

Jim P. said...

Thanks a lot for this. My vinyl copy is damn near unlistenable now.