Sunday, January 25, 2015

Joe Geia-Yil Lull

Well its been 7 years since this blog began and I know I don't
post too often these days but we are still here. My tradition is to
post an Aboriginal artist on the day some call Australia Day
and others Invasion Day the day this blog began.
And what better artist than the great Joe Geia and his 1988 debut
Yil Luli. The title track should be our national anthem, it is a
brilliant timeless classic. Joe is one of the trailblazing murri
artists a man who inspired many who have followed.
As a member of No Fixed Address from 1982 to 1983 he later
began his solo career releasing 3 albums and working with
many other artists
So download this album and play it loud tomorrow

Download Here


shakinghands said...

Hi Bob happy 2015 enjoyed the Joe Geia thanks. heres another nomunnynosense production for you MR Senseless. cheers matt.

Bob Nebe said...

Hi Matt thanks for this, it deserves a full post