Friday, January 30, 2015

Matt Williamson - Mr Senseless.

Another recording from the brilliant Matt Williamson,
a wonderful songwriter folk singer from Bathurst
A long time contributor to this blog who generously
gives away his beautiful music
Thanks Matt!
You can check out his stuff out here

Now over to Matt

       Mr Senseless, singing songs to save the world
       He will tell you songs will set you free

       All his friends say thats not realistic

       But he says, you wait and see, you just wait and see.

     Matt Williamson  - Guitar, Vocals.

     Keith Manning - Percussion, Waterphone.

     King Paul - Bass.

     Aaron Hopper - Guitar.

     Wayne Brett - Guitar.

     Chris McCussker - Bass.

        This album is made of friendly psycadelic folk
                                by friendly psycadelic folk
         it contains real people,places,time and events
         and all those little things wot trancsend ém.

Track List

 01. Jessica Beth Small -

 Jessica went missing from Bathurst over 15 years ago, this song is
 for Jessica's mum still living through all those unanswered questions
 due to a botched investigation, it is a story of love.

  02.  1975 -

  This was the year i fell off the world, it took 6 years to climb back
   on, couldn't listen to Pink Floyd in all that time as it was playing
   at that moment in time and space.

  03.  Again -

  04.  All Over The Moon -

  That cycle of life, waiting, walking and coming together.

   05.  Deception -

   Yes we all know who he is, some know him as Mon santo-claus.

   06.  Homeless -

    Left by his girl, Chook went to drown his sorrows, it took many
    years of homelessness to do so.
    They found him in a paddock frozen out near his parents place.

   07.  Week Away -

   08.  On Meeting Kerrianne -

    I got to play some heartfelt concerts with Kerrianne Cox.
    This little song is my welcome to country for her when
    she came to town, sadly its
    a true reflection of my country.

   09.  A Most Unusual Man -

    I see him every now and then, but mostly when i catch his
    reflection i try not to look.

   10. A road less travelled -

   11. Rocket Man - (Tom Rapp)

    I loved this song my whole life, i was a big fan of Ray Bradbury, it
    inspired Elton John as well.

   12. Mr Senseless -

    Written in the third person, because the third person is there.

    13. Blessed Be Love -

     From 'Gamarra" to be released with Kalmadyne Goombridge's
     book of poetry later this year. Listen out for the re-awakening
     and re-building of the Wiradjuri nation, happening here ,there
     and everywhere.

     14. Same Town -

     I never thought the global village would be such an unlikely place.

      i hope you enjoy this little album made without money
                          nor sense.

                                     Cheers Mr Senseless.