Saturday, July 15, 2017

16 Lovers Lane - Queensland Performing Arts Centre 14-7-17

30 years after the release of their seminal album 3 members of the
Go-betweens line up that created it return to the stage to perform
it in full along with a few other Gobs songs.
Lindy Morrison Amanda Brown and John Willsteed joined on stage
with Dan Kelly, Danny Widdicombe and Luke Daniel Peacock and
a fantastic array of artists taking on the vocal roles
(Steve Kilbey (The Church), Mark Callaghan ( GANGgajang ),
Ron S Peno (Died Pretty), Katie and Tyrone Noonan (george),
Montaigne, Sam Cromack and Jen Boyce (Ball Park Music),
Tim Nelson and Zoe Davis (Cub Sport),
Sahara Beck and Kirin J Callinan.)
And what a night it was, brilliant in the musical department
of course along with amazing vocal performances
It was a moving, emotional heart felt performance
Steve Kilbys anecdotes were very cool, but the greatest joy
was to see the 3 band members receive the appreciation they
One of the highlights was Amanda singing the song the devils eye
But there was many great performances
The show paid tribute to the 2 great songwriters Grant and Robert
constantly and shows how very loved this band is in their home town
I regret not taking my camera but being in the 2nd row I
managed to get some shots on my phone


uncleboo47 said...

Fantastic stuff Bob.

Bob Nebe said...


Anonymous said...

Looks to have been a brilliant show, thanks for sharing.

Tobias K said...

Hey Bob,

Love your work, I've been following you for a couple years now. I was looking over some of your old posts and found that you posted a 'lost' Redgum album a long time ago (before I started reading your posts).

I was wondering if you still have a copy of it and can reload it as the links don't work.

Other than that, keep up the good work,

Anonymous said...

I hated this show. Some tribute to the song writers... where was Robert Forster... It left a bad taste in my mouth.